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Goals in life | all about goals

Goals in life

In this blog you are going to learn everything about goals in life, how to achieve goals, goals in life, what are goals, smart goals, achievable goals 
Goals in life
Goals in life 

1.goals in life,

  • Everyone has a goal in their life, and that is their goal in life, if you don't have a goal in your life, then you may face many difficulties in your life, goals are of two types,short term goals and long term goals, many people want to have a suitable goals in their life,and in life blog you are going to learn all about goals, so keep on read ,about goals in life

  • Goals are something which is set from people on their life, to achieve something in specific time and place, to get success in their life, and whatever they want to get, setting goals is very easy ,you just have to think about your needs and wants,and something which you want to become in your life, that is your ,aim in life, or just like you need and want, you will have to get a specific work or thing as your goal in life ,

Goals are the work of time, that is, you have to achieve something before a given time, example, you want to buy a can when you will reach the age of 20 years, to use the car for going to school and other places, and now you are at the age of 16, do you have 4 years in your hands,in this four years you will have to manage everything, to get the car.

  • There are many things that you must follow to achieve your goals, in life and many points which you must keep in mind in order to achieve your goals if you don't follow all the things nicely then you can't achieve your goals in your life,

Below are the given points which you must keep in mind, in order to achieve your goals in life

1.set smart goals 

  • Smart goals are the part of goals it is a system of girls that are introduced by different people of this world by working on smart goals they researched on this type of girl various people have observed and utilized the system of a smart goal in their life when people came to know that many peoples are getting benefited by the system of call then they researched on it again and made it a part of goal from which people understand many things about girls and the requirements of girls that how can actually work on their goal and how should they prepare for their goals smart stand for specific miserable achievable realistic and time-bound this is the definition of smart but the actual meaning is not yet highlighted.
Below is the meaning of smart 

  • Specific- specific means goal on a single platform means at a time you can't eat food 4 whole the day means you have to eat food three times in a day or two times in a day and if you think that you can eat it once for all the time then it is impossible. So the time is waste it has been introduced to let people use one thing at once means for a specific time people should keep a specific goal which will be easily achievers by them this girl actually make people understand that overthinking is not good in a goal for a specific time and specific that will be easily achievable so you should set a goal with specific means for a specific time example if you want to buy a motorcycle after two years then every time you should not think to buy a car at that time because this will decrease your college to buy the bike also like this people used to do many mistakes they said many goals for a single time means they think that once at a time they have to achieve money things and they commit the mistake here because they should not set many goals for a specific time keep in mind that both are our ones and need it is something which has to fulfill and bring changes in our life it is something which makes us happy and success so we should take our goal is important tool of our life so use specific words in your life set a goal for a time that would not disturb you our other goals ,

  • Measurable- miserable means be serious for something or something which is serious here you have to understand your goal and focus on your goal  you have to take your goal seriously not as a joke because if you take something seriously and want to actually achieve it then you really get the success on your goal if you think that I have to achieve a goal but you are not serious about it then you will never achieve it serious means you will not be thinking about your goal you will not be educating yourself for your goal or working for your goal this is called laziness and if you do you like this when you are not going to achieve your goal because you are not ready for your goal you are not working for your goal then just think how can you achieve the goal was maybe to become someone in your life it may be your aim in life or your once or needs if you don't work for it then you are not going to get it working doesn't mean that you have to work hard in a field you have to educate yourself for achieving the goal you have to see the missing places the missing things in your life just because of the goal and imagine that you have to fulfill dismissing parts by achieving the goal and bring it into your life this is actually called hard working but you are not working hard here you are just using the perfect an actual method of achieving the goal yes you are serious about your goal and you really want that call so you are working for it and you are educating yourself you are making yourself ready for achieving the goal so more than 80% chances are there for you to achieve the goal there are many people in the world who commit this mistake and they don't get success in their life they just keep on thinking that they have to achieve the goal but they are not serious they just imagine but not working for their goal so get failed to achieve their goal.

  • Achievable- it means  it means that whatever goal you set for your life it must be achievable it should not be something that could not be achieved by you this depends on time condition and situation if you really want to achieve your goals inside balls which are closer to you don't think about those girls which are very far means you can't achieve that anyhow first see for small girls they are required to achieve the big goal and achieve the small girls first make it your tools don't just try to get the main goal because it will be very difficult for you and you may not be able to achieve so set small go first just imagine like you are taking steps for achieving your main goal and this  steps will be the small goals that are required example if you want to become eye doctor in your life so the first 
 thing you will have to do is get educated about Doctor you have to get the proper knowledge on how to become doctor and what doctor really do and these are the small goals you have to achieve this goal fast then only you will be able to become a doctor if you don't have any knowledge for how to become a doctor and if you think that just getting a degree and entering into the field of doctor then you will not be able to do anything in your life just becoming a doctor for namesake will not let you get success you will just become a doctor for some days or with the help of money whatever you do it will not be your success.

Relevant - 

Time bound -  time bound means  your goals data set for a specific time any specific Road time is very important for us in our lifetime doesn't wait for anyone we have to work with time and be in time to achieve our goals we must set goals for a specific time those goals which must be achieved on reaching a particular time it shows there without valuing the time we can't achieve the goal means if you want to buy something after one year for a reason but if you fail to buy it after one year and you by after two years then it is the misuse of time here you are not buying the thing in time means you need that thing after one year but the time is already closed and you are buying that one year late so the reason for which you were mine has already been passed and the thing which you have bought will not give the real value for buying so we must see whether the goal is achievable in time or not and work for it so that we will be able to achieve the goal on time and get the full value of our goal in life

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